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Pairing: Ohno/Nino
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Shōwa Era AU, romance, smut.
Word Count: ~3800

Winter, 3rd year of Shōwa Period (1928)

It’s a new era, and ruled by the current Emperor, Japan races triumphant into a militarized society, a rampaging colonialism that will soon end in echoes of war; a conflict that shall bring forth the most devastating weapon ever behold by humanity.

But in the distant lands of Hokkaido, where vast territories remain almost devoid of human presence due to the hard environmental conditions, the permutations of modern life are of little importance. Life among stressed, sick fellows is long forgotten for a man whose only preoccupation is now the shift between day and night.

There’s an unassuming hut, lost in the middle of nowhere, erected in the solitude of a moor covered in white. The frosty mountains of Akan surround it, and only Ainu people in their trading route cross the place now and then. The chimney expels profuse smoke, the fireplace in the wooden cottage vivid to combat the cold outside. Done with his supper, the man leaves the kitchen warmth to head to the porch door. He closes it tightly behind him and shivers, the woolen robes never enough for him to withstand the icy blows of northern winter.

He can feel it, roaming around.

Kazunari, no longer Noguchi or Ninomiya since he cut ties with civilization, stands in front of his tiny home as the sun slowly sets between the imposing white peaks of the volcanic mount Me-akan.  The weather is bleak and freezing sleet falls upon the land, making the thick blanket of snow grow steadily.

Despite the numbing cold, he loves winter here, where nights seem never-ending. Surviving it is a hard task in this northern island, but since he arrived there five years ago, he’s spent each and every summer yearning for the cold season to come, wishing for the daylight span to become as short as possible.

His eyes search the dense line of pines circling the west meadow, and a gentle smile graces his lips as soon as he spots it. The familiar fur has gotten dark under the chilling downpour. It stands posed, majestic, waiting in calm for the darkness to engulf the scenery.

It happens in few minutes, the usual ruckus distorting the animal’s anatomy until the shape of a human body becomes clear in the distance. Satoshi waits a bit more before returning to the hut. They had set rules in order to avoid any trouble the transformation might cause.

When it was sated and spent of all its aggressive energy, the Mujina could usually be spotted rounding the house. At times, they were both even side by side all day long, raking nearby forests in search of medicinal herbs. They often made long trips to the sulfide fumaroles in Mount Iō, or to lake Akan where Kazunari recollected a boiling mud called bokke and the curious marimo, sphere shaped algae only found there. He prepared herbal remedies with these and other ingredients, and regarded the resulting ointments as the only valuable asset his education had provided him with.

But nevertheless, it wasn’t safe to be around Satoshi when he changed. He would always leave before daylight seized him, moment in which the animal in him got unleashed and needed to run free, roam in hectic spurs until the initial frenzy subdued. Likewise, he was still not quite himself when he came back, and Kazunari respected it enough to leave him the necessary privacy for such transition.

Satoshi heads to their shack, head slightly downcast. He would still feel remorseful in this particular moment, ashamed of what he is. Kazunari will never understand why, but still tries to make the ordeal the most pleasant possible. When they’re both face to face, Kazunari embraces him, wrapping the same old blanket over his from. Satoshi is drenched to the bone, but the heat he emits is overpowering. Kazunari takes a moment to bask in it, senses feeding on his scent, his hands running down steamy hair. Satisfied, he leads Satoshi into their shelter.

They had started building it as soon as they discovered the resourceful location, with the little knowledge both had acquired during the reconstruction in Minamata. It’s far from perfect, but has resisted more than a blizzard. It has a small vegetable patch bordering the south façade, and a minuscule hen house next to it. So far the Mujina hasn’t eaten any of them. Instead, Satoshi brings home small animals and fish that has hunt still in Mujina form.

There’s a stove in the middle of the main and only room, which they use to cook and heat the place. Lit by the only window in the house, a rustic table they assembled using tree planks, big enough for Kazunari’s work as an herbalist. There’s also a comfortable bedding, made from hay and feathers stolen to the swans that spend the winter in the warm shore of lake Kussharo, a place that like the rest of the area, rests over a volcanic caldera still active and from which hot water emanates.

Their home is bare of anything else but some shelves to store Kazunari’s books and their spare clothing. There’s no need for superfluous recreations in a place where duties flow with the rhythm of seasons, where they do have each other to pass the time. Their lifestyle is modest, plain. Just what they had strived to achieve.

It would seem that Kazunari’s life was a bit solitary, always alone by day. He would never have the chance to share lunch with Satoshi, or chat with him while they sat on the porch, idle, waiting for the day to end. But that was far from being a problem for him, and not because his past life had forced him to accommodate to such loneliness. Now that he knows it wouldn’t be lasting, that someone was there by his side, feeling isolated isn’t a possibility anymore. Besides, he doesn’t feel the need to talk all that much. After nagging into each and every aspect of Satoshi’s story and personality, he does no longer need to chat to be in sync with him. Sometimes he even feels they’re able to communicate when Satoshi’s turned into Mujina.

He’s calm and fulfilled finally. He considers this, the life they’ve built, happiness. 


There’s a second source of heat in a shadowed corner of the stance. Wood logs burn below the large bucket they use as a bathing ofuro, its smoke erupting out through a vent in the wall of the hut. Kazunari pours oils in the water, the bath for Satoshi ready as usual. The scents that fill the house are pure bliss, and he’s glad for the formulas he learnt while working at that dull laboratory, for they make Satoshi’s body go loose as soon as he smells them. You’re like a witch, he tells him often.

He’s learnt lots about medicinal heritage from the Ainu people, who he visits at times. They know, sort of, about the Mujina, about the condition of the man he lives with, because not a single detail goes unknown for people who live in such close contact with nature; least of all a predator whose existence was totally unknown to them. But they’ve shown no objection so far, either regarding safety or morals. In native cultures threats are usually not measured the same way– and what doesn’t hurt anyone shall never be looked upon with as much prejudice as in civilized places.

Kazunari takes profit of the concoctions he elaborates, sells them in a tiny village called Teshikaga, few kilometers away from their home. With the money he makes he purchases supplies, clothes or food such as rice, preserves and sweets. Satoshi had grown so fond of daifuku, savory rice flour balls filled with adzuki bean paste. A plate of them was presented at the dinner table, and Satoshi jumped to devour them.

He’s no longer hungry when he’s back, with lots of wild life from where to feed from when he’s the Mujina. Although that has changed too. Nowadays, there’s almost no boundary dividing his two sides. He’s as conscious being the Mujina as he could be as a human, an imperative factor for their life together to evolve without fears. It amuses him though, being totally aware that he’s eating a raw rabbit, life still kicking between his fangs and yet considering it tasty although he would feel revolted to do such a thing as human. He shows more refined tastes once his paws turn into fingers, and Kazunari tries to please each of them with astonishing care. Damn, he does love these sweets.

Kazunari, though, is hardly someone who would concede favors without a benefit in mind. He doesn’t even wait for Satoshi to finish eating to lean into his bare back, his weight resting over Satoshi’s sitting form. Kazunari’s hands, now warmer, smooth over his chest. Satoshi has no doubt about the nuance of that touch.

Kazunari ducks his head, his breath on Satoshi’s neck. The other stands still, as he always tends to do whenever Kazunari gets like this. A tongue peaks shyly from eager lips, slick, hot, and rakes the huge scar up to his jaw. It’s gotten less angry and dark over the years, but it still tightens Satoshi’s guts, even more when Kazunari lands his attention on it like this. It’s a reminder, Satoshi thinks, a game the brat likes to play to make them both succumb to dark thoughts of what it could have been. What it had been.

Satoshi’s fingers thread in the black, rather longish hair, and tug Kazunari off his neck. He looks at him gravely.

“You’re at it again?”

“You know I’m a drama addict,” he responds lightly, a feral, heated, grin on his face.

Satoshi smiles too, indulgence and fondness replacing his previous blank expression. He won’t ever change, and that’s just fine. He’s far from being the perfect partner too.

He pulls Kazunari back, his palm stroking the soft hair in the scalp. He turns his face and kisses those pouty lips in a gentle, pampering gesture. But Kazunari doesn’t quite grasp his meaning, or simply put, he refuses to, and he tries to deepen the innocent touch. Kazunari’s tongue, than now feels even hotter than it did on his scar, is now inside his mouth, playing, demanding.

Yearning hands remove the plaid quilt from Satoshi’s damp shoulders, revealing the tanned skin in agonic admiration until it lands on the wooden floor. Fingers travel up and down his spine, leaving slight shivers in their wake. They palm Satoshi’s ribs, waist, navel. By the time they start dipping into the dark curls on his lap, Satoshi’s about to shatter, to lose it badly. He seizes Kazunari’s wrist in firm clasp, stopping all further warming-up.

They didn’t do this very often, because Kazunari’s body, still today, often resented afterwards. Satoshi already knew the limits, how to move to avoid hurting him badly like it happened on their first time, but either way, it was a stunt they didn’t get much to play. He never stats the dance, because he still feels somewhat guilty. He would watch Kazunari’s face contorting in pain at the beginning, each and every time, and therefore felt not in the right to ask such strain from his partner.

Satoshi had thus long ago refrained from leading these matters, in part because he didn’t quite trust himself. Each time he’d followed his urges and taken an active role had resulted in rather regrettable results. There had been times, at the beginning of their life together, when his transformation back to human hadn’t gone so smoothly, and he had ventured into their cabin with his mind still flying off the handle. Times when the erection he sported was the first thing Kazunari had seen of him. Those encounters had been rather harsh on Kazunari’s rear, all raw need and no trace of foreplay. Even if Kazunari couldn’t say he had been forced to any of it and had only complained afterwards about what a savage he was, Satoshi had felt as an abhorrent ravisher.

But when Kazunari manages to leave him breathless, unable to resist his impulses anymore… does he participate. He’s actually not afraid of causing him injury, not anymore because he does know what to do not to bruise his insides. But if Kazunari basks in tragedy, this is his kind of game, playing the prude act and pretending he feels so guilty when entering him.

He stands up and moves away from Kazunari’s reach, but his gaze never breaks contact. As he paces backwards and into the steaming bathtub, feline and confident, his erection stands proud for the other to watch. Instead, Kazunari choses to hold onto Satoshi’s gaze, for the carnality it oozes once he’s managed to kindle him becomes way more arousing than his raging cock.

Satoshi dips into the hot water, a contented sigh escaping though his lips when he lies down, the scented tub appeasing his senses. He still feels the throb between his legs though, hard and avaricious.

It’s Kazunari’s turn now, and Satoshi awaits, the urge to get some relieve growing. He considers touching himself, if only for a bit, but he knows Kazunari would scold him. So why bother.

Kazunari gets gradually closer as thick layers start peeling off from him. He moves in affected, smooth motions, his hips a lewd swagger. Kazunari is usually harsh, boyish, but in those encounters Satoshi discovers another man, a way more sensual and delicate being. He’s mesmerized with him, and not only because his own blemished form looks ignoble when compared with such a beautiful man. Kazunari’s build, slim and refined, makes him look something worth of worship, his frame resembling an unsoiled domain with an eternal youth to it. Bare skin pristine white thanks to the lack of sun, it turns him into a blanket that seems never touched before. Satoshi’s hungry eyes travel across the expanse of it and he sighs, frustrated, the stark contrast with his own dark tanned limbs making him feel somewhat mocked by Gods.

Kazunari joins him in the water, his feet at each side of Satoshi’s thighs. Kazunari’s erection stands in front of his face, and even in his reclined position, he can smell it draining out of Kazunari. It’s a flower scented oil today.

Kazunari had long discarded the use of clove oil. There was no need to be numb, to disguise the feeling, not now that they’ve somewhat managed to apply some damage control. Their lovemaking has become soft and languid, more focused on subtle nuances than coarse thrusting. Kazunari clenches him, circles his hips, delivers the most indecent of moans, the most embarrassing words, and Satoshi doesn’t need much more to fill him in hot spurts. That’s how it usually goes.

A leaden peek into the milky inner thighs confirms his suspicion, but what he finds is much more obscene than expected. The oil is dripping down his skin, a trail now running mid-thigh. He’s not prepared himself this time around, he’s drenched his hole in it. The crafty tart loves to do stuff like that.

Kazunari addresses him with a smug smile. Such amount wasn’t required, he knows, but he also knows how to manipulate his man, how to make him crazy with want. He always manages to go beyond the strictly necessary preambles just to have Satoshi drive into it with no holds barred. He knows about that stupid guilty conscience of Satoshi, so in days when Kazunari really needs him, he tries his best in order to be fucked properly.

“You okay?” Kazunari says in mock worry, and Satoshi likes these skits, he’s happy ceding the reins to Kazunari, but sometimes. Sometimes he just wants to shut him up, show him he doesn’t own the script.

He doesn’t give Kazunari any time to react before he lunges forward, taking the other’s full length inside his mouth. Kazunari yelps, and Satoshi can only scoff at the screech he hears, the rumble of his laughter echoing through swollen flesh. Kazunari’s unsteady forearms drop onto Satoshi’s shoulders, his knees about to give up. The breathy whines he utters… definitely, Kazunari becomes another being when naked, when Satoshi pushes him enough.

Deft fingers, coated in the sticky substance, find their way to Kazunari’s entrance. He notices how loose the muscles back there are in a single swipe. He’s been toying with his body, making it easier for Satoshi to take him. He’s tender, pliant and so trustful under his touch that Satoshi feels a bit uneasy at the rush of arousal tightening in his navel, his whole body on feverish. Breaching into Kazunari’s moist depth always has this effect on him, and Satoshi maintains that Kazunari is the actual yokai and not him, that he is irremediably doomed by those mischievous spells he casts on him. Maybe he was being enchanted, compelled to swallow it all to the base and squelch his middle finger past the second knuckle inside this ethereal creature. As if.

Kazunari’s shaky hold takes the hot mouth away from him, imploring for Satoshi to stop it before it’s too late. It is too late already, he’s not going to last shit, but he slumps into the tub in resignation, straddling Satoshi between wide open legs. He slides against the hardness beneath his hips twice, just enough to figure the angle, and then, Satoshi’s all in, deep into tight heat as far as he can go. Kazunari had not only oiled himself, Satoshi notices with surprise, he had also stretched his walls thoroughly. He must have wanted it raw today. He’s still tight, he’s still wincing, but the difference is substantial. Satoshi’s never been able to take him in a single go like this before.

Satoshi groans, raspy and as if he were being hurt, and stays somewhat restrained as this animal rides him in opulent circles. He shows Satoshi with no modesty, upper body half reclined and resting over his elbows, compelling the other to dive his eyes into the water and enjoy the view. Satoshi’s enraptured, gaze following the way his shaft disappears into the twitching cleft, into this man who is beyond beautiful, beyond tempting. This delectable body Kazunari entrusts him with, he would devote with his seed; he would open and defile it for hours, till Kazunari couldn’t take more. He would never voice it, but at times he even fantasizes with the idea of doing this as the Mujina- the sexual desire Kazunari ignites in him sometimes creeping up on the macabre side.

Water has started to spill out of the basin. Kazunari is getting restless and messy, his peak too near to keep on with cautious movements. That is the sign, the moment in which Satoshi takes control and barrages, his buttocks and thighs thrusting in earnest to meet Kazunari’s body with all his might. Kazunari’s brows rise in shock, his eyes bulging a bit at the unexpected charge, but there’s no objection at the thundering pounding that ensues. He just utters disarticulate cries, product of the onslaught claiming his body, Ohno’s assault crude but welcomed. He wouldn’t be capable of feeling any major discomfort, not with his orgasm building like an unstoppable wave.

He screams, fingers grappling onto Satoshi’s back like claws, and his insides clamp violently, a gesture of utter debacle disfiguring his face as he loses it. Satoshi shots in even harsher pounding, and for a moment he regrets not having more cum with which to fill the orifice, the high he gets when flooding into Kazunari a tad insufficient for his incensed instincts.

Kazunari’s whitish, infertile seed floats in the water. They will have to clean themselves, elsewhere. Kazunari says so, drowsy with satisfaction and fatigue, as Satoshi doodles in the spunk swimming around them. They look at each other for a long moment and break out in a lazy laughter. Neither does really care and it’s a bit shameful, that they would gladly receive the Emperor covered in sweat and semen if necessary – which is both a bit nasty and proof of how deep their physical bond is.

They’re so tired, have already feed themselves, indulged themselves, and hence, decide that today they deserve it. After drying their skin in unhurried sweeps, both duck into their rudimentary bedding and get asleep in minutes.

Most days they stay awake all night, right until Satoshi leaves. Kazunari usually sleeps till early afternoon, and the Mujina does just the same in a cave he found in the woods. But sometimes they crave some quiet cuddling, a night in which to bask in each other’s warmth and just rest, sated and tangled together.


The piercing ring of the alarm clock Kazunari had bought in their way north wakes them up. Thanks to it they’re no longer afraid of Satoshi transforming in the middle of their sleep, but it’s annoying as hell anyway. It’s always Kazunari who has to stop it, because half monster or not, Satoshi sleeps like the dead and it takes all of Kazunari’s persistence to actually wake him up before it’s too late.

This morning, Satoshi is spooning Kazunari’s lean back. An elbow nags into his ribs in successive attempts, keen on stirring him up. Eventually Satoshi gets up and onto his feet, and still naked, he looms over Kazunari’s tender form. He’s oozing warmth, his mind half dazed and slowly falling to sleep again. He smells so sweet, so cozy, that separating from him becomes the worst of duties.

He pulls himself together after a last kiss on those pudgy, delicate lips. It reaps a little smile from them, Kazunari murmuring in dreams. Already on the door, Satoshi finally hushes:

“I’ll be back in a bit Kazu.”

The end


Notes: So that was all folks. It’s been more than a year and round 35K words, hope you out there enjoyed the ride ^___^  These last two parts were edited in a really I’m-so-done mode, forgive any mistakes. Will surely revise them another day.

I won’t be writing tragic stuff for a while- this was so consuming. Going back to witty, badmouthed banter, it’s easier to write lol. Next should be a pair of stories that are already half edited, a Pazudora AU and another canon fic where Nino gets battered by the nameless guys he fucks with. Just cause I love to wreck him yay. Ah! And also another Ohmiya-are-both-assassins type of AU I owe [livejournal.com profile] saobang2211 since forever (sorry!! T_T).

Here are some photos to complete this last part of Monster:

Akan National Park, in eastern Hokkaidō.

Lake Kussharo in winter.

Marimo algae and bokke mud in lake Akan.

Sulfide fumaroles in mount Iō.

As stated in the fic, Ainu people didn’t make big hassle of the interaction with wild animals XD.

So, thanks A LOT for reading this!!
Huge chu for ya all.

Date: 2016-05-18 01:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] gambitsfox.livejournal.com
OMG! You did it! Yay! Congrates! It was GREAT! Loved the story.....the art.....the pictures! I love how you settled them in the mostly wilderness where they can live life the way they wish. When the beast went to retrieve Nino from the shrine was a really good scene. Great tub scene too! I thought that Ohno changed into it at night for some reason......guess I'm thinking of your normal werewolf type. I think the beast part would do anything for Nino too. : D
Looking forward to your next story! : )

Date: 2016-05-18 09:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] 801rabu.livejournal.com

So glad that you liked it! Told you, it would have a nice ending after all ^_*

Date: 2016-05-19 07:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] naoki-hikari.livejournal.com
Awwwwwwwwwwww mouuuuuu what a great ending! I love how you make it angst first before giving the struggle and last the happy ending.

Ainu people is great ne. Sometimes I feel like going there just so I can interact with wild animal and also Japanese and the same time but I can go without internet. Cause I need reliable fast signal like hell.

As amazing you did a lot of research on these things and show us all those pics. I appreciate ot a lot!!

Thank you for writing and for giving an end. And a happy ending!!! :))

Ps: By the way, I was pretty pleased with the smut scene. Although some part ogmf me did imagined what Ohno was thinking about the sex with Mujina form lol.
These days idk Omegaverse just seems so interesting. Not to mention Identyfying Soulmate Marks tags. Hahaha..

Edited Date: 2016-05-19 07:17 pm (UTC)

Date: 2016-05-20 11:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] 801rabu.livejournal.com
So glad you liked the ending! Yeah, I love twisting things, a lot, before delivering any salvation to the characters fufufufu.

We all say the same right? "It would be so nice to escape to some distant and disconnected place"... but we're so addicted to modern life stuff XD.

The image of the Mujina fucking Kazu it's pretty barbaric, LOL, just wanted to remark how much Satoshi has changed regarding sex - he was practically asexual at the beginning od the story but now, well ^______________^

I'm sooo into omegaverse as well haha! But couldn't picture Ohmiya fitting into that kind of dynamics... Not because of Nino, OBVIOUSLY, cos she's such a girrrl. But I just don't see Ohno as alpha material? So I guess this Mujina thing is the closest I could get to it without turning Ohno into a ubermasculine guy.

Thanks a lot for reading and sharing your thoughts : )

Ja neeee!

Date: 2016-05-21 08:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] miyank.livejournal.com
I had a busy week at work but finally I was able to read this last night, and I have to say, I slept like a satisfied cat last night! Everythimg in this part amd the epilogue was perfect, especially the pictures you added! Thank you love *kisses*

Date: 2016-05-21 02:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] miyank.livejournal.com
I had a busy week at work but finally I was able to read this last night, and I have to say, I slept like a satisfied cat last night! Everythimg in this part amd the epilogue was perfect, especially the pictures you added! Thank you love *kisses*

Date: 2016-06-09 04:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] 801rabu.livejournal.com
Whhaaaaaa- so happy you liked the end!! It's taken me so long to thank you that this "monster epilogue" stuff seems something from a past era already XD but really, it's me who turns into a satisfied cat when reading someone enjoyed this story, so thanks for taking a lil time to comment.

See you around yeah? CHU-----

Date: 2016-09-02 09:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yaoilicious-53.livejournal.com
I just read all your fics and I gotta admit you've become one of my favorite fic writers.

MONSTER is a masterpiece.

Thank you.

Date: 2016-09-07 03:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] 801rabu.livejournal.com
Well thanks to you!!!

It's been a while since someone new commented here, and believe me, you made my day with all those super nice words. I'd really like to have more fics out there (you cannot imagine the tons of papers and words of half written stuff I have around O_o) but it makes me really happy that someone got to read my thingies and enjoyed them. Gives me fuel!!

Hope to hear from you next time cutie-chan, ja-!

Date: 2017-02-16 02:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pupilurker.livejournal.com


💛💙 Looking forward to your next masterpiece 🤘🏻😘😍

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