Oct. 9th, 2015

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Title: Silent Vow
Pairing: Ohno/Nino
Rating: PG (some cursing in the way)
Genre: Friendship, mild angst, romance.
Chapter: 1/1
Word Count: ~2100
Disclaimer: Don’t own them since apparently, old rotten Jani does.
Summary: Earth quakes under Ohno’s feet. Nino braces himself to survive the aftershocks. He should be more supportive. But.

Notes: Summer’s been awfully busy, but I’m back. With a lil Miyagi Ohmiya no less ≥o≤  There’s a change of POV in the middle of the story, hope it doesn’t seem too shitty, just wanted to dig more into Nino’s feelings.

About the girl thing. I couldn’t care less who the fuck Ohno wants to share his life with as long as he’s happy. Period. What I do care is about those who have made him feel anxious, sad and probably prone to reconsider his staying in the business. Why do some people act as if they had rights over his life choices just cause they’re stuffing money into his Jimusho’s pockets? Why the fuck, you delusional gals? When all he has demonstrated during years of doubt is how willing he is to make sacrifices for the fans - when the only thing he’s delivered us so far is that rainbow smile of his… just… show him a bit of joy and good vibes in return and shut up, fuckers. Chutup.

Is the only thing Nino has to say after the magazine comes out. )


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